In 2018, this master become the master Control and Robotics CORO


Application to the second year (M2)  ROBA

Admission requirements to M2

To be admitted in the second year of the Master M2, the applicant must have obtained the equivalent of the first year of the Master (60 ECTS) from a French or a Foreign University in a field related to one of the tracks of the master ARIA (Control Engineering, Robotics and Applied Informatics) such as: Automatic Control, Robotics, Computer Science, Production Systems.

The Applicant must have very good knowledge of langue(s) of instruction. English or English and French in terms of the common core courses option.

Admission will be determined through the examination of the academic scores of the student and after a possible meeting and discussion with the candidate. The topic of the Master thesis is to be defined and a professor or researcher of the IRCCyN must accept to supervise the thesis.

Preparation of M2 in two years

The second year of the master is normally to be carried out in one year. It could be carried out in two years for student having regular professional activity.