Evaluation of M1


M1 is composed of two semesters S1 and S2, with 30 ECTS for each one. The exam session will take place at the end of each semester. A second session of examinations is planned, for students who have not validated M1, two weeks after the examination of the exam session of S2.  

The validation of ECTS is carried as follows:
  • Each module is assessed by a written test, and eventually by a project, which is marked out of 20.
  • The ECTS of a module are validated if the student has a mark 10/20 at least.
  • The 30 ECTS of a semester (S1 or S2) are validated if the student obtains at least 10/20 as average of the marks of its modules (after weighting the mark of each module by the number of its ECTS), and that no module has a mark under 8/20.
  • M1 is validated, and the corresponding 60 ECTS acquired, if  S1 and S2 are validated.
  • A Student who did not validated M1 can apply for the 2nd session on the modules having mark under 10/20 in the non validated semester(s). The new marks of these modules are calculated as 70% of the second session mark and 30% of the first session mark. The validation of M1 will be carried out according to the previous rule.
  • In the case of some special reasons (e.g. health...), the jury can allow the redoubling of a student.
  • The final mark of M1 will be the average of the marks of S1 and S2. The final grade is given according to the following rules:

    10  final mark < 12 : Acceptable
    12  final mark < 14 : Fair
    14  final mark < 16 : Good
    16  final mark 20 : Very Good