Full Scholarships with ERASMUS MUNDUS Action 2


Centrale Nantes has been awarded several Erasmus Mundus Partnership projects this year. In 2014/2015  Master and PhD students from Bangladesh, Bouhtan, China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Malaisia, Thailand,   Armenia, Azerbaïdjan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, and  Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya can beneficiate from full or partial scholarships in the framework of these projects.  For more details and deadlines consult the website of the project corresponding to the candidates country.

 For students coming from

 Scholarships (application deadlines)

 Bangladesh, Bouhtan, China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Malaisia, Thailand


 Armenia, Azerbaïdjan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine


 Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya