Speciality Courses : ROBA (16 ECTS)


The programme of this semester is designed to give the students the necessary knowledge to carry out the master thesis in one or more of the following topics:


 - Humanoid robots,

 - Mechanical design of new robotic structures,

 - Industrial robots (calibration, identification, control, programming, performances analysis),

 - Biologically inspired robots, with emphasis on locomotion topics.

- Vision based control

- Intelligent vehicles

- study of human motion.

The student has to choose four courses with 16 ECTS from the following:

Modules ECTS Programs
Advanced Visual Geometry (AVG) (Compulsory) - O. Kermorgant, D. Marquez Gamez 4 Télécharger ce fichier (S3-ECN_Advanced_Visual_Geometry.pdf)
Autonomous Vehicles (AV) - E. Le Carpentier, P. Martinet 4 Télécharger ce fichier (S3-ECN_Autonomous_Vehicles.pdf)
From human motion to humanoid control (HMHC) - S. Sakka 4 Télécharger ce fichier (S3-ECN_From_human_motion_to_humanoid_control.pdf)
Humanoid and walking Robots (HUMRO) - C. Chevallereau, Y. Aoustin 4 Télécharger ce fichier (S3-ECN_Humanoid_Robots.pdf)
Optimal kinematic design of robots (OPKID)  - Ph Wenger 4 Télécharger ce fichier (S3-ECN_Optimal_kinematic_design_of_robots.pdf)
Sensor Based Control of Complex Robots (SBCCR) (Compulsory) - P. Martinet, O. Kermorgant 4 Télécharger ce fichier (S3-ECN_Sensor_based_control_of_complex_robots.pdf)