Structure of S3


During the semester S3, the student has to follow 7 courses giving 30 credits ECTS.

  • Three obligatory courses representing the common core of M2 (14 ECTS).
  • Four specialized courses with 16 ECTS .

Common Core Modules of Semester 3

 The common core contains five obligatory courses (14 ECTS)  with EMARO+ students in English

i- English track common core modules (with EMARO+)

Modules ECTS Programmes
French Language (or a specialized course in case of mastering French language) (4 ECTS) 4  
Advanced Modeling of Robots (AMORO) - S. Briot, S. Caro 5  Télécharger ce fichier (S3-ECN_Advanced_Modelling_of_Robots.pdf)

Research Methodology (REMET) - I.Taralova


 Télécharger ce fichier (S3-ECN_Research_Methodology.pdf)