First Year Programme

The programme is composed of two semesters, S1 (from October to February) and S2 (from February till June), each with 30 ECTS:

The structure of the first year is shown in Table 1. It consists of two semesters S1 (from September till the end of January) and S2 (from February till the end of June). The first semester starts with two weeks of intensive French language course. The contents of this year is the same as the first year of the Erasmus Mundus Masters course EMARO.

Table 1 : Structure of the first year.

First two weeks
First semester
September - 30 January
Second semester
March- End of June
- Local language course* - Interdisciplinary back-ground modules
- Local language course*
- Interdisciplinary back-ground modules


* Another language will be proposed , for students who master the French language.

First semester Courses

The student will select six modules (30 ECTS) from the following:

Modules Crédits ECTS Contenu des cours
French language (compulsory) 4
Modeling and control of manipulators (compulsory) 6
Control of linear multivariable systems 5
Real-time systems 5
Signal processing 5
Neural networks for classification and identification 5
Computer vision 5


Second semester courses

The student will select seven modules (30 ECTS) from the following:
Modules Crédits ECTS Contenus des cours
Group Project (compulsory) 6
Mechanical design methods in robotics 4
Robot programming methods 4
Mobile robots 4
Artificial intelligence 4
Optimisation techniques 4
Nonlinear control theory 4
Human computer interaction 4
Embedded systems 4


Summer internship:

At the end of the first year, July and August, a summer internship is encouraged but not compulsory. It is an excellent way for the students to improve their French before the second academic year. ECN will sign an agreement with the company so that the student has proper insurance during the internship. ECN does not provide specific services to find internships: it is up to the student to so.