Institutions involved:

The track ASI (Automatic Control, Signal and Image) is a joint master of the following institutions:

The master relies on the experiences of more than 120 staff members of these institutions and from the CNRS and are members of the IRCCyN who is the research laboratory supporting this master (Institut de Recherche en Communications et Cybernétique de Nantes).

Medium of instruction :

The language of instruction is English during M1, whereas most of courses are given in French during the third Semester. The master thesis can be written either in French or in English.

Objectifs :

The track ASI is designed to promote a high-quality educational offer in the area of Automatic Control, Signal and Image. Students may take the master as a professional terminal degree, or join PhD programmes afterwards. An important originality of the master is to give the courses of the first year in English to enrol students who do not have sufficient level in French language. The programme of the first year (M1) contains French Language course in order that the students can follow the scientific courses in French during the second year. If needed, students can improve more his French level during two months between M1 and M2 (not included in the tuition fees).

Duration :

The programme of study lasts two academic years denoted by M1 and M2 respectively. Each year is split into two semesters with 30 ECTS for each. They are denoted S1 and S2 for the first year and S3 and S4 for the second year. Students who are fluent in French and had the equivalent of M1 can be admitted in directly in M2.

Summary of study programme:

The aim of the first two semesters is to provide the students with a solid interdisciplinary background across the main areas of Automatic Control and System Engineering fields. The contents of this year is the same as the first year of Erasmus Mundus master EMARO. During the third semester, specialized courses trough three different tracks are proposed. The fourth semester is dedicated to the Masters Thesis. The student carries out his/her research work under the supervision of a researcher of the IRCCyN or under the supervision of external researcher.

Degrees awarded:

Students that graduate from the ASI master courses will obtain the following master degree :

  • Master Recherche en Automatique, Signal et Image,

The obtained degree is officially recognised and give full access to PhD study programmes.

Admission Requirements:

The masters course applies to European and third country-students who already hold a first university degree with 180 ECTS, after at least three years of university studies (at the level of bachelor of science), in a field related to an area related to the fields of the master ARSI such as, for an admission in M1: automatic control, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and applied mathematics. The applicants have to be fluent in writing and reading in English. The admission is decided on the basis of excellence of the academic records of the student, the quality of her/his former studies, motivations, and reference letters. Admission directly in M2 can be accepted for students how are fluent in speaking and writing French and have the level of a university degree with 240 ECTS after at least four years in a field related to the master ARSI topics.